Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Congo (Brazzaville) (2010)

Date of issue: 2010
Name of issue: Insectes
Number of arachnid related stamps in issue: 2/24

I am unsure if this is a legitimate issue or not. It contains two acari tamps and also some spiders depicted in the gutters of the souvenir sheets.

The art work on the stamps is actually kind of nice, but I find the oeverall sheets to be too crowded with the pictures in the gutter.

Worth noting, there is a myriapoda stamp and a pompilidae one as well.

Michel #: ?
sub-class: Acari
family: Trombiculidae
Trombicula sp.

Michel #: ?
sub-class: Acari
family: Ixodidae
species: unknow/unspecified

Other arachnids in the gutter:

crop from sheet I

crop from sheet II

crop from sheet III

crop sheet IV

Souvenir sheets:

sheet I

sheet II

sheet III

sheet IV

Other stamps from this series:

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