Sunday, September 3, 2023

Abkhazia* (2001)

Date of issue: 2001
Number of arachnid related stamps in issue: 2/3

I am thrilled I finally found this issue. I had discovered it on a Russian site some time ago, but could not source out a dealer that had them. They seem to be quite uncommon.

Even though they are not official post stamps, I could not consider my collection complete without them. It is the only pseudoscorpion stamp that I know of and only the second opiliones depicted on a souvenir sheet. I am normally not keen at all about photographs on stamps (I much prefer art work), but for these seldom shown orders of arachnids, I am willing to take anything!

Sadly, the pseudoscorpion is not properly identified, the genus Nesticus is a spider genus of the Nesticidae family and the species listed on the stamp is now changed to Carpathonesticus birsteini (Charitonov, 1947).

There is a gimmicky holographic version of the souvenir sheet as well (see below). Also to be noted, the non-arachnid stamp is a myriapoda stamp.

Michel #: none
order: Pseudoscorpion
**species listed is a spider
(see text from blog entry)

Michel #: none
order: Araneae
family: Nesticidae
Carpathonesticus zaitzavi (Charitanov, 1939)
*Nesticus zaitzavi on stamp

Souvenir sheet:

Michel #: none
order: Opiliones (on souvenir sheet)
family: Nemastomatidae
Nemaspela abchasica (Lyovushkin & Starobogatov, 1963)

3D holographic version

Other stamp of this series:

Michel #: none
subphylum: Myriapoda
order: Julida
family: Julidae
Archileucogeorgia abchasica Lohmander, 1936

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