Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Singapore (1998)

Date of issue: June 5th, 1998
Name of issue: Fragile forest
Number of arachnid related stamps in issue: 2/10

Another very nice series in two booklets of self adhesive stamps.

In the upper right corners of the booklets, there is a "scratchable" area. I was very curious to know what was under there, but I did not want to damage my own items. So I decided to buy a second set so that I could look! Anyhow, as you will see on the scans below, one of the booklets had the Haplopelma lividum drawing (on the booklet of the Pandinus imperator)  and the other had the iguana drawing. Now I wonder if they are all like that, or if these icons were random and some others will have anyone of the stamps from the series. Looks like I might need to buy a third set to find out if I can get one with the Pandinus imperator!

The catalogue lists the species names even if they do not appear on the stamps.

Michel #: 891
Scott #: 847
Yvert #: 862
order: Scorpiones
family: scorpionidae
Pandinus imperator (C. L. Koch, 1841)

Michel #: 895
Scott #: 851
Yvert #: 866
order: Araneae
family: Theraphosidae
Haplopelma lividum Smith, 1996

First booklet:

right upper corner scratched
note Haplopelma lividum icon

Second booklet:

right upper corner scratched
note the iguana icon

Other stamps of this series:

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