Monday, June 14, 2010

Afghanistan (1986)

Date of issue: July 7th, 1986
Name of issue: Les Reptiles
Number of arachnid related stamps in issue: 2/7

Interesting yet funny issue called “Les Reptiles” (The Reptiles) of seven stamps. Despite it’s name, it only contains three reptile stamps. Two insects and two arachnids complete the set. As you will soon learn, it is not uncommon to find arachnid stamps mixed in series supposedly dedicated to insects, but this is the only issue that I know of where arthropods are confused with vertebrates!

Michel #: 1515
Scott #: 1221
Yvert #: 1330
order: Araneae

Michel #: 1517
Scott #: 1223
Yvert #: 1332
order: Scorpiones

Other stamps of this series:


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