Thursday, May 23, 2013

Uzbekistan (2000)

Date of issue: 2000
Number of arachnid related stamps in issue: 0/6

A tough one to spot, it remained unknown to me for several years.

You can see an arachnid in the upper right corner. Now the tricky part is determining what it is. Morphologically, it really looks like an opiliones and that is how I choose to label it. However, right below, there is what appears to be an eggsac. Opiliones do not have silk glands and that sac would indicate something made by a spider. Who knows if those two items are meant to be related as there are several arthropods seemingly unrelated all around in the gutter.

Michel #: crop
order: Opiliones

Souvenir sheet:

Michel #: none / souvenir sheet only
order: Opiliones

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