Sunday, June 21, 2015

Rwanda (2012)

Date of issue: 2012
Name of issue: Spiders

Number of arachnid related stamps in issue: 3/3*

I think this series is cinderella. I am uncertain how many stamps are in this series, it is possible there are other non-arachnid sheets that go with it.

None of the species are labelled, but looks like the first one could be a Theraphosa apophysis, the second one somekind of mygalomorph, I will take a guess for Atrax robustus simply because otherwise, why show a black mygalomorph without any specific identification hints but to show the most notorious of them all, and the third an araneomorph that I will not attempt to guess!

Note that there is a Salticidae looking like spider on the actual souvenir sheet.

Michel #: Cinderella ?
order: Araneae
family: Theraphosidae
?? Theraphosa apophysis (Tinter, 1991)

Michel #: Cinderella ?
order: Araneae
family:  Hexathelidae
?? Atrax robustus O. P.-Cambridge, 1877

Michel #: Cinderella ?
order: Araneae
family: ?



Souvenir sheet:

Souvenir sheet (imperforated):

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